Poppies Fade to Black


img_3892The remembrance poppy first gained significant meaning during World War I. In 1915, following several major battles in Belgium, France, and Gallipoli, this red flower was the only thing to grow on the ravaged battle fields. The poppy soon became synonymous with loss of life in wartime and remembrance.

The thick stems acted as a lifeline,

A guideline.

Something to cling to,

To go to.


She refused to look up,

Eyes clenched and hands clenched tighter

To him.

To the poppies.

To anything in this one moment,

To anything that wasn’t the inevitable truth.


It was his passion,

His dream,

His obligation,

To join the army.

To serve the country.


But the numerous reasons

Did not cushion the fact

That he was leaving,






She sat at the table

Watching the poppies fade to black.

Never reacting.

Always dreading.


And she listened to the




Of her heart


In beat with the




At the door.


And it was over.

And she was free from dread.

Of worry.

Of not knowing.




Of him.





But maybe she liked the worry.

Because now

The poppies had faded

From existence.

As had he.

As would she.


Today the poppy is a sign of recognition to those lost in war, but also the veterans still living. Thank you for protecting our country, our freedom, me. Thank you for bearing the unspeakable so that we can speak freely. Thank you veterans, and God Bless America.



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